Driver training

Start your practical training in the best possible conditions, with 100% regulatory training content that meets your teaching needs.
formation apprentissage de la conduite sur simulateur de conduite

A programme designed by training and driving professionals.



Your student completes an initial assessment, enabling you to define his or her programme and estimate the duration of the training.


Independent learning

Your students will develop driving reflexes behind the wheel of the simulator: learning to use the controls, gearbox and steering wheel.


Group learning

Organise collaborative training sessions to encourage discussion, work on driving situations together and promote group experience.

jeune en apprentissage collectif

Driving experience

Give your students a realistic driving experience, so that they can familiarise themselves with the driving environment safely and with complete peace of mind.

conducteur avec les mains sur le volant
jeune en apprentissage collectif
conducteur avec les mains sur le volant

Compatible simulators

Nomad range simulator

The driving simulator for every space
Simulateur de conduite gamme Nomad

Supra range simulator

The designer driving simulator for an immersive experience
Simulateur de conduite gamme Nomad

Dual Control range simulators

The driving simulator with dual control

Light vehicle PWD range driving simulators

The light vehicle driving simulator for people with disabilities
simulateur de conduite véhicule léger équipé PMR

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