Use the driving simulator in your workshops. An essential prevention tool that will train your trainees and students in risky driving situations, in a safe environment.

Use the driving simulator to run your road safety workshops for young people, senior citizens or professionals.


Young people

Anticipate driving tests by organising prevention sessions on road risks and dangers. Raise awareness of the highway code and the use of two-wheelers (scooters, 50cc motorbikes, mopeds, etc.).

Jeunes étudiants lycée et université


The highway code is evolving and generating numerous changes in signage. Run prevention and information campaigns to continue educating drivers.

senior au volant d'une voiture


Help companies draw up their DUERP (Single Occupational Risk Assessment Document) and run road safety campaigns for employees.

formation des professionnels
Jeunes étudiants lycée et université
senior au volant d'une voiture
formation des professionnels

Compatible simulators

Nomad range simulator

The driving simulator for every space
Simulateur de conduite gamme Nomad

Supra range simulator

The designer driving simulator for an immersive experience
Simulateur de conduite gamme Nomad

Dual Control range simulators

The driving simulator with dual control

Air Car range simulators

The transportable and inflatable driving simulator
Simulateur de conduite gamme Air Car

Light vehicle PWD range driving simulators

The light vehicle driving simulator for people with disabilities
simulateur de conduite véhicule léger équipé PMR

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