Professional training

Meet the training needs of the road transport industry, both goods and passenger transport, by supporting (future) drivers throughout their professional career.

Simulation for the transport of goods and passengers.


Category C & D driving licences

Help develop driving reflexes: gauge management, manoeuvres, checks.


Vocational licence & HGV/PCV crosso

Support your trainees in obtaining professional qualifications to help them find jobs and develop their careers.

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Initial Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Initial Driver CPC)

Training in safety rules and rational driving. Raise awareness of eco-driving and social issues (crime, traffic, etc.), as well as driving in adverse conditions (bad weather, uneven terrain, etc.).

véhicule poids lourds écoconduite

Periodic Driver CPC

Meet the need to update the knowledge and practices of truck drivers with a programme focused on regulations, optimising safe and rational driving and all the new practices in force.

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véhicule poids lourds écoconduite

Compatible simulators

Cab range simulators

The most realistic driving simulator on the market
Simulateur de conduite poids lourds gamme Cabine

Trainer range simulators

The hybrid HGV driving simulator for all types of training, whether for goods or passengers.
Simulateur de conduite poids lourds, camions

HGV PWD range driving simulators

The HGV driving simulator for people with reduced mobility
Simulateur de conduite poids lourds personne à mobilité réduite

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