Why get a driving simulator ?

Choosing simulation means adopting an innovative teaching method that can be adapted to suit everyone, and rethinking a sustainable, eco-responsible and profitable system.
simulateur de conduite gamme Nomad

Driving simulation: a practical response to your various challenges.

Our driving simulators

Light vehicle simulators

Driving simulators that meet your needs
Simulateur de conduite véhicule léger, voiture

HGV simulators

Train your trainees to work on the road in complete safety
Simulateur de conduite poids lourds, camions

Two‍-‍wheeler simulator

Use driving simulators to prevent and raise awareness of road risks
Simulateur de conduite deux-roues gamme Simuscoot

Specific vehicle simulators

Driving simulation for PWDs, rehabilitation and emergency professions
simulateur de conduite véhicule léger équipé PMR

Adapt your tools and your learning

To meet the new support needs of your students and trainees, it’s important to adapt your training model. Make the choice of complementary, more effective and more attractive learning by offering a new and reassuring experience.

Jeune et son enseignant de la conduite se tapant dans la main

Improve your profitability

By choosing a driving simulator, you can increase the profitability of your establishment. Consume less fuel, reduce wear and tear on your vehicle fleet and optimise your trainers’ schedules by supervising several trainees in a single session.

le simulateur de conduite pour augmenter votre rentabilité

Adopt an eco‍-‍responsible approach

The driving simulator enables you to adopt an ecological approach that is more respectful of the environment. It helps you reduce your CO2 emissions and cut your fossil fuel consumption. It’s a practical way of contributing to the collective effort.

La simulation de conduite un démarche éco-responsable

Keep track of your learners

Our driving simulators are connected to all our training monitoring tools. It’s easy to follow your learners’ progress.

Femme avec une tablette dans les mains
Jeune et son enseignant de la conduite se tapant dans la main
le simulateur de conduite pour augmenter votre rentabilité
La simulation de conduite un démarche éco-responsable
Femme avec une tablette dans les mains

A solution for learning and performance

Offer your trainees a whole new experience: augmented teaching. By integrating a driving simulator into their learning and training pathways, you promote their success and reduce their apprehension of the road environment for a completely stress-free experience.

The key to success

By integrating driving simulation into your training programmes, you help drivers develop and enhance driving reflexes. This optimises the number of hours of practical driving.

Independent learning

Modules and exercises allow your students and trainees to practise independently and rework the concepts that were more difficult to assimilate.

An adapted tool

Offer your students and trainees an improved driving experience in line with their new habits.

Peace of mind first and foremost

Driving simulators are an excellent solution for your students and trainees who are apprehensive about driving. You can reduce their stress by familiarising them with the driving environment.

Prevention in complete safety

Organise prevention sessions and reduce road risks by using realistic scenarios in complete safety.

Ultra‍-‍personalised monitoring

Follow the progress of your students and trainees on the driving simulator in real time, so that you can tailor their learning path as closely as possible.

More cost‍-‍effective training

Offer your students more cost-effective training (particularly for their B driving licence) with up to 10 hours of driving on the simulator.

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