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Les clients Simulation by Ediser
personne conduisant une voiture avec les deux mains sur le volant A total driving experience

Espiguette driving school

#Category 1
Using the driving simulator helps the learner to project themselves into a driving situation through an ultra-realistic experience that reproduces the sensations of [...]
voiture d'école de conduite avec un panneau de toit auto-école Better learning and better management

L‍'‍esprit Conduite driving school

#Category 1
Driving simulation allows you to offer more time slots for your students, save fuel and reduce wear and tear on your vehicles. It's [...]
Leçon de conduite jeune femme apprenant à conduire More flexibility and autonomy


#Category 1
Thanks to the driving simulator, it's easier to plan driving lessons on the first skills, since the presence of a trainer is not [...]
Jeune fille heureuse au volant d'une voiture Reducing students’ mental workload

My Conduite driving school

#Category 1
The driving simulator meets the need to understand the different controls on the car (steering wheel, pedals, etc.). students in a safe environment.
voiture avec disque Rethink the management of your driving school

Simply Permis driving school

#Category 1
Using one or more driving simulators can help you manage your business on a day-to-day basis. You can offer your learners more cost-effective [...]
cours de conduite avec moniteur auto-école ayant une tablette The key to success

Confort Conduite driving school

#Category 1
Students' success in their driving training is the result of safe learning adapted to the needs of each individual.
Jeune homme apprenant à conduire une voiture avec son moniteur d'auto-école Towards greater profitability

Liberty Auto driving school

#Category 1
Driving simulators change everyday life and make it easier. Time savings, easier monitoring and profitability are the main benefits of simulation.
jeune homme qui apprend à conduire avec un moniteur d'auto-école Validate driving skills

WM driving school

#Category 1
It is now possible to take 10 hours of simulator driving out of the compulsory 20 hours of practical training. The driving simulator [...]

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