Post‍-‍licence training

Support drivers by offering them training to improve their driving skills.

Learning to drive doesn‍'‍t stop once you‍'‍ve obtained your driving licence. Continue to improve the driving skills of your students and trainees.


Situation simulation

After several years of driving, bad habits set in and driving deteriorates. Correct your trainees’ driving habits using simulation exercises.

mise en situation sur simulateur de conduite

Sharing the road

Raise awareness of the need to share road space and respect other road users (pedestrians, cyclists, motorised two-wheelers, slow-moving vehicles, etc.).

partage de la route : piétons, cyclistes, voitures

Improving driving skills

Immerse licence holders in exceptional driving situations, such as wild animals crossing a road. Introduce them to new driving aids.

nouveaux outils de conduite
mise en situation sur simulateur de conduite
partage de la route : piétons, cyclistes, voitures
nouveaux outils de conduite

Compatible simulators

Nomad range simulator

The driving simulator for every space
Simulateur de conduite gamme Nomad

Supra range simulator

The designer driving simulator for an immersive experience
Simulateur de conduite gamme Nomad

Dual Control range simulators

The driving simulator with dual control

Air Car range simulators

The transportable and inflatable driving simulator
Simulateur de conduite gamme Air Car

Light vehicle PWD range driving simulators

The light vehicle driving simulator for people with disabilities
simulateur de conduite véhicule léger équipé PMR

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