Reducing students’ mental workload

The driving simulator meets the need to understand the different controls on the car (steering wheel, pedals, etc.). students in a safe environment.
Jeune fille heureuse au volant d'une voiture

My Conduite driving school

Jonathan arrived in Charente-Maritime in 2017 to join the teaching team at My Conduite driving school. In 2020, he bought the company after 8 years of teaching driving.

Today, he continues to run a driving school that has been in existence for over 30 years. In 2022, Jonathan acquired an Ediser driving simulator from the Supra range.

During the first few hours of driving, the simulator helps to reduce the mental overload thanks to the familiarity with the controls and actions to be performed.

Jonathan Quéré, My Conduite driving school (France)

Calmer learners

Using a driving simulator helps students to understand how the vehicle works in a safe environment. Students are freed from the fear of failure or error, and can therefore learn better.

Exercice logiciel simulateur de conduite apprentissage de la conduite

The benefits of driving simulation

Reducing mental overload
Knowledge of the controls and actions to be carried out when driving a vehicle
Cost-effectiveness of the driving simulator

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