A total driving experience

Using the driving simulator helps the learner to project themselves into a driving situation through an ultra-realistic experience that reproduces the sensations of getting to grips with the vehicle and its controls.
personne conduisant une voiture avec les deux mains sur le volant

Espiguette driving school

The Espiguette driving school has been in business since 2000. It trains its students for their driving licence with the aim of continuing to improve road safety. Since 2020, it has been using the Ediser driving simulator from the Nomad range.

Driving simulation helps students to feel confident in the driving environment and to get a better grasp of the basics of driving thanks to sensations that are close to reality.

Céline Barroulier, Espiguette driving school (France)

A realistic approach to driving that respects the environment

Driving simulators help to address today’s issues, both in terms of the psychological aspects for students and how to help them manage stress and anxiety at the wheel, and in terms of respect for the environment and reducing the carbon footprint.

Logiciel simulateur de conduite exercice perfectionnement de la conduite

The benefits of driving simulation

A more economical and ecological model
A realistic experience
Building student confidence

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Reducing students’ mental workload

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