Towards greater profitability

Driving simulators change everyday life and make it easier. Time savings, easier monitoring and profitability are the main benefits of simulation.
Jeune homme apprenant à conduire une voiture avec son moniteur d'auto-école

Liberty Auto driving school

Liberty Auto driving school is made up of two establishments located in Tarn-et-Garonne and Dordogne. Always on the lookout for new and evolving technologies, the driving school has been using an Ediser Supra range driving simulator since 2013. This school was the first in the department to adopt it.

With the driving simulator, all our students follow the same training programme. The simulator is always available. It‍'‍s a high‍-‍performance tool that‍'‍s scalable and profitable thanks to constant updating and monitoring.

Marilyne Dvorianoff, Liberty Auto driving school (France)

Higher performance

Driving simulation will enable us to respond to staff recruitment problems by organising driving sessions differently. It’s a tool that meets the expectations of the new generations, making learning easier and enabling faster progress on initial driving skills.

Logiciel simulateur de conduite exercice premières compétences de conduite

The benefits of driving simulation

Coping with recruitment problems
Having a teaching tool that can be upgraded
Facilitating the learning process

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