Validate driving skills

It is now possible to take 10 hours of simulator driving out of the compulsory 20 hours of practical training. The driving simulator can also be used for the initial assessment, as well as for monitoring accompanied driving during the preliminary appointments.
jeune homme qui apprend à conduire avec un moniteur d'auto-école

WM driving school

WM driving school has been providing its students with car, motorcycle and bicycle training for over ten years. Sharing and teaching are at the heart of its concerns. Since 2020, this driving school has been using an Ediser driving simulator from the Supra range.

Thanks to the driving simulator, we can make learning easier for some students who are apprehensive about the practical part of their driving licence training.

Coralie Maurizio, WM driving school (France)

Initial assessment on the simulator

Taking the initial assessment on the driving simulator means that every student has the same assessment and an objective allocation of the number of hours they are expected to drive. It is just as easy to do with an automatic gearbox as with a manual gearbox.

Logiciel simulateur de conduite évaluation de départ

The benefits of driving simulation

Consistent initial assessment for all learners
Reduced apprehension
Driving with automatic or manual gearboxes

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More flexibility and autonomy

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